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Saturday Sept 26 Practice Schedule
by posted 09/25/2020

Practice Schedule for Saturday Sept 26 for all Fall Shamrocks Selected Primary and Alternate Players:

-Teams 2029-2028-2027       8:00-10:00am   NRP  Field Green

-Team 2026                            8:00-10:00am   NRP  Field Red

-Team 2025                           10:00-12:00pm  NRP Field Green

-Team 2024                           10:00-12:00pm  NRP  Field Red

-Team 2023                           12:00-2:00pm    NRP Field Green

-Team 2021/22                      12:00-2:00pm   NRP  Field Red

We are expecting weather,  stay tuned for further updates throughout the day Friday and through Saturday Morning.

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Practice Reminder Tonight
by posted 09/24/2020

Practice Reminder Tonight Thurs 24 Sept.  Shamrocks Team 2023 and 2024 North Regional Park 7:30-9:30pm Fields Yellow and Blue respectively.

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Fields are open
by posted 09/18/2020

Teams 2023 an 2024,  North Regional Park is open.  Fields Red and Green tonight 6-8pm Friday Sept 18 for practice/supplemental tryouts.  Please read the email sent and do the healthy player attendance survey.

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Practice Cancelled
by posted 09/17/2020

All fields are closed Thursday, Sept 17.  All Shamrocks Practice Cancelled. 

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Shamrocks 2023
by posted 03/03/2020






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