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  The Cape Fear Shamrocks: Mission and Code of Conduct

            The Cape Fear Shamrocks are committed to creating an excellent teaching, competition, and practice environment for the sport of lacrosse. There will be no tolerance for the breaking of team rules. The consequences may be, but are not limited to: loss of playing time, removal from a tournament, or ejection from a team.
            Players are expected to attend all scheduled team practices. It is understood that players who miss a practice will notify the coaching staff well in advance. It is further understood that an acceptance of a roster spot is a commitment to attending all tournaments and scrimmages during the season. Shamrock players are expected to be punctual for all events, especially tournaments.
            Players and parents are expected to display impeccable sportsmanship during practices, games, and any CFLA Shamrocks’ event. The use of inappropriate language directed at teammates, officials, coaches, parents or tournament officials will not be tolerated. Transgressions of this policy may result in, but not be limited to, reduced playing time or suspension from the team at the discretion of the head coach and Director.
            Parents must understand that this is a travel lacrosse team dedicated to competitive results at tournaments and practices. There are no promises of playing time. Any parent concerns shall be handled
by the Head Coach, and/or the Program Director at an appropriate time; at a time to be determined by the Program Director.  Such requests shall be handled promptly and reasonably.
            Players are expected to use proper and respectful language at all times. The use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any substance designed to stimulate a pharmacological or psychological imbalance will not be tolerated. The coaching staff retains the right to inspect all possessions, including bags, backpacks, or other containers to insure compliance of this rule. Players who break this substance rule will be subject to immediate dismissal from the team with no reimbursement.
            It is further acknowledged that players not only represent themselves, their parents and their school; they represent the Cape fear Shamrocks organization. If a Shamrocks coach assists a player in the college recruitment process, that player should always respond to any collegiate coaching inquiries and correspondences in a timely and respectful manner. (Even if to politely decline invitations to further explore an institution). Players’ current actions or inactions can have an adverse effect on future Shamrock members. Players are expected to represent this program with care and class.
            At all events, we expect parent and player behavior to be exemplary. Parents and players will
act appropriately while traveling, in hotels, or at any time on team trips.
            Failure to comply with these rules can result in a player’s immediate suspension and termination of play for that event. Suspended players may only return after Coach and Directors have adjudicated the infraction.
            The Shamrock Coaching Staff and Director retain the right to modify or add additional rules at any time. The addition of rules will be provided digitally to parents and players. Prior to accepting a roster spot, these rules must be read and accepted by both player and parent (s).