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Parents and Spectators: Please help CFLA in providing a safe and positive environment for all participants.  Failure to follow these rules could result in removal and suspension from CFLA events.

Lacrosse Balls Don't Have Legs-  For every ball someone decides to take home they might as well be stealing a candy bar, a 20oz drink, or about a $1.50.  Please help CFLA keep our lacrosse balls for play during the season and return them to the ball bucket. 

1. No alcohol allowed.  There is no smoking and other tobacco products are prohibited.  Thanks for promoting the health of our youth. (See 
 NHC Parks and Gardens)

2. There are no pets allowed.  (See NHC Parks and Gardens)

3. Parents and spectators seating is on the sideline opposite the team benches.  Parents and Spectators are not permitted on the team bench side of the field, unless in a coaching or volunteer capacity.

4. There is to be no stopping, standing or seating behind the goals or endlines.

No Driving/Parking past the main gate or blocking access; Avoid parking in neighborhood.  Park at your own risk as vehicles have been ticketed and towed.   

6. Please place trash and recyclables in the proper containers.

7. No throwing, kicking, or projecting any type of ball/object at any structures or buildings in the complex.  No Wall Ball!  Use bounce back wall.

8. No playing, running, jumping, etc. around the fences, ramp and/or drainage pipe area.  Do not play on poles or goals.  Also please avoid disturbing the residents within close proximity of the fields.

9. Please cheer positively for your child and their team. Show respect for coaches, referees, and the opposing team. Remember that you are your child's greatest role model. We strongly encourage all parents to read the following parent guidelines from US Lacrosse: